2010.11.18 19:14 StarCraft/유틸리티

잌 영어 설명ㅇㅅㅇ

아래 이미지에서 왼쪽은 원본, 가운데는 MapSketch, 오른쪽은 SCPM입니다.

Now Introducing MapSketch!

Well, many of you are aware of MapExp (my minimap generating program). Some time ago I was trying to figure out an easy way to calculate minimap tile colors, and I did. I generated tables and lists of all the colors and thought it would be cool to make a SCPM-like program that used real-time generated tiles. I started a program and kept throwing features at it (property masks, custom tile selection, etc.) and it got too complicated for my lazy and unmotivated mind to complete. It seemed to work so well that I didn't want to completely abandon the project before anyone got to see it, so I made a heavily stripped-down version from scratch about a week ago, and this is what I present today.

- Easy step-by-step format!
- You can load an existing map to replace its terrain, or set properties for a new one. Really, though, this is a hint at the property masking (being able to keep old terrain was part of it.)
- All tilesets and irregular map sizes supported.
- Simplified image positioning and scaling for loaded images (something SCPM severely lacked.)
- Contrast/Brightness/Saturation and RGB Gamma correction (instead of just Contrast/Brightness like SCPM.)
Image preview updates while sliding the bars! - One thing I seriously hate about SCPM.
- Lighting filters! I have no idea what most of them mean because they are just a part of the API I used, but they add fun features! They also enable dithering to make smoother colors.
- Lighten Image option ... If you have a low contrast image this may help!
- Save as Image Map (Adds map revealers and 1 computer player -- only one new maps)
- Compress Map (TinyMap2's that map! -- Note that it locks the map -- only on image maps)
- Scenario Properties and Force name visible and editable here for new maps.
(New!)) Preview Zoom window!

(user posted image)

The first image is the source, the second image is MapSketch, and third image is to compare to SC Picture Mapper v5.

(user posted image)
Badlands, no adjustments in either.

(user posted image)
Badlands, no adjustments but a lighting filter was used in MapSketch.

(user posted image)
Space, MapSketch adjusted to be smooth gradient, SCPM adjusted to be as much of a gradient as possible.

(user posted image)
Badlands, both use adjustments to make it look best (except in SCPM I adjusted it to make it look at all.)


- Fixed mpq load function.
- Load tileset palettes realtime instead of loading Pal.dat.
- (hopefully) Fixed tileset loading functions ... Hopefully no more Runtime Error 9!
- (New Feature!) Zoom preview window! Double click the preview in the Adjustments tab to open a zoom window. Double click that to toggle between 2x and 4x zooms!
- Again, attempted to fix tileset loading functions (Probably even less Runtime Error 9!) Report more if this issue again arises from selected tilesets.

NOTE: If you get an error about comctl32.ocx, download this. If putting it in the MapSketch directory does not work, google how to register it.

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