2010.11.28 14:44 StarCraft/유틸리티

플텍된 맵의 트리거도 볼수 있는 트리거 뷰어입니다. 아쉽게도 한글은 깨져서 나오네요. 난 영어 울렁증이 있어서 쓸일이 없을듯;;

TriggerViewer2 is a program that allows you to view all triggers on any map.. regardless if it's protected.

This is to mainly help newcomers to map making, it allows them to see the innerworkings of greater map makers, and help with their own map making.

This is not an unprotector! All maps opened CANNOT have their triggers exported or copied!

TriggerViewer 1 was a rather messy program, and it was removed because it's download count got hacked. However, I was shocked at how many people requested for it after, so I recoded it completely, and it is much much better now. It can open any map (as far as I know) and loads triggers near instantly (unlike the first one). Since it is really a whole new program, I named it TriggerViewer2.

I may add a location viewer in the near future if people really want it.

Note by DLDB Keeper PCFredZ: requires Common Controls

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